Extended Abstracts

Here are published the extended abstracts of the author that choosed to sent them. To let an extended abstract IS NOT mandatory to participate to the Congress.

All "standard" abstracts are published in the Program and Abstract Congress Book

1 Alcaix S., La métropolisation transfrontalière le rôle de l’agriculture dans la construction du Grand Genève
2 Andriani L., Social Capital, Industrial Districts and Regional Unemployment in Italy
3 Battisti G., Geopolitical Dislocation as a Product of the Financialisation of Economy. Lessons From Europe
4 Chiaruttini M.S., The European Crisis: Analysis of its Fundamentals From the Perspective of Economic Geography
5 Corazziari I., Facioni C., Di Filippo P., The Complex Relationship among Life Satisfaction, Risk Perception, and Confidence: the Italian Case
6 Escalona-Orcao A.I., Escolano-Utrilla S., Sánchez-Valverde García B., A Pathway for Local Development. The Cluster of Creative Industries in the Rural Areas of Spain
7 Escalona-Orcao A.I., Frutos-Mejías L.M., Loscertales-Palomar B., Sáez-Pérez L.A, Local Identity and Heritage Based Clusters of Creative Industries as a Tool for Rural Development: Las Bodas de Isabel De Segura
8 Estevens A., Gabriel L., André I., Occupying Lisbon: the Paths and Places of Political Demonstrations
9 Faravelli M.L., Clerici M.A., Economic Crisis and New Challenges for Banking Foundations
10 Gabriel L., Estevens A., André I., Street Art: Contested Spaces and Contestation Through (Public) Spaces
11 Guagnano G., Santarelli E., Subjective poverty and social capital: a comparison among European countries
12 Heikkilä S., Promoting Social Justice through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Knowledge Sharing - Experiences from an Italian Province
13 Lucarno G., Rizzo R.G., Scaratti G.P., Is there a Link Between Landscape Degradation and the Construction of Large-Scale Infrastructures? Case Studies Along the Milan-Brescia Railway Line, Part of the 5th Trans-European Corridor
14 Massarelli M., Rognini P., Geography education’s: a new approach to urban environment
15 Nogueira H., Lourenço A., Social Capital and Health: Analysing Links in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Portugal
16 Rizzo R.G., Rizzo L.S, Religious geo-data and geo-information: representation and visualization on the web
17 Saada A., Quantification of deformations of Tunisian Modern Carto-graphic Heritage (XV to XVIII century)
18 Sandoval V., Boano C.,The Progression of Vulnerability. A Multi-Scalar Perspective on Disasters, the case of Chaitén in Chile
19 Willis I., Barros J, Gibin M., Living in the shadow: a neighbourhood classification approach to volcanic vulnerability in Quito

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